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Dominate yours pdfs with pdftk

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Hello everyone,


I recently have to do a lot of administration stuff. To do that, I often need to manipulate pdf documents, merge them or extract some parts. I wanted to share an extraordinary tool that I recently discover last week : pdtfk


System where the soft is installed : linux desktop 4.9.0-4-amd64 - x86_64 GNU/Linux
apt-get install pdftk


It is very easy to understand how it works and how to use it. You can find below two commands really useful that I used.

The first one is used to merge pdf
pdftk file1.pdf file2.pdf cat output file-result.pdf

The second one is used to extract some page from a document. In the example below, I ask to extract only the page 2 and 3.
pdftk big_file.pdf cat 2-3 output file_with_page_2_and_3.pdf

Of course, this tool can do a lot of other things with your pdf. Do not hesitate to read the documentation at can also find some examples here too.

Have a good day,


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