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Some news about the blog 2 : 10 April - 10 may

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Hello everyone

I decided to publish each month an article about the life of the blog in general. In this article, you will be able to know close

  • What I made during this period
  • How is the blog and services popular
  • What I made for the community
  • Some clue about what I plan for the next period of time

This article is about the period of the 10 April until the 10 May.

Guideline for each month

  • One or two technical articles. The bigger one is published each first day. The others could be published at any time.
  • One article about the blog life. It will sum up the list of articles I published the last month, what I did for the community, the list of blog updates and some statistic about the blog and the services available here. It is published each 10.

Period achievements

Technical article

  • An article about how hosts your Firefox bookmarks on your own server.


  • A problem with my provider made all *.mirabellette unavailable during 2 days! It was a huge fail for me because my services and blog should be able to resist to everything. I published some message in Mastodon in order to inform visitors and users of the blog. Unfortunately, It was a day after I published the month article. It made me lost I guess a thousand of views. It is huge mess for the blog but I am sure I will be able to make it again :). Be sure I will made what is necessary to avoid this situation happens again.

The blog

  • Update the navigation bar to add a dropdown list of my services.
  • Update of the About page in order to tell more about me and about the licence.
  • Creation of the project page in order to tell what I plan to do with this blog.
  • Increase the security of the blog and services in enabling and configuring Content Security Policy in the web server.

Statistics for this period

It is not possible for me to know exactly how many visitors I have. I don't install a tool to measure this number and I stored only ~ one month of log. I will be honest with you with the statistics. I am not here to tell a success story but to describe the reality.

  • The article about hosting your own Firefox bookmarks was amazingly successful (for me), I got more than 750 unique visitors in one day thanks to it. They mainly came from the website.
  • Others visitors came from where I commented one article.
  • Average numbers of 5-10 unique visitors days by day.
  • Close to nobody uses services I offered like Lufi, Privatebin or Searx.

Give back to the community

  • One pull request to Dnsmanager in order to enable CAA dns entry.
  • Two pull request accepted in crawler-user-agent about adding new bot.
  • A bug report to the about the fact that markdown links do not work properly in the profile description.
  • A bug report to PluxML about the fact that PluXml doestn't externalize all css style and Javascript script. This creates conflict with Content Security Policy and requires to enable the unsecured property unsafe-unline for script and css.
  • A dozen of comments in order to share my knowlege and help the authors to increase the quality of their article.
  • A little donation as each month for an association or service I find useful.

For the next month

  • I already find about what I will talk for the next month. It could surprise you because it is not a technical article.

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