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Some news about the blog 3 : May 2018

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Hello everyone

I decided to publish each month an article about the life of the blog in general. In this article, you will be able to know close

  • What I achieved during this period
  • What I accomplished for the community
  • How is the blog and services popular
  • Balance sheet of the period
  • Some words about what I think for the next period

Contrary to the previous articles, I decided to now split period by month. I think it will be more logical and easy to analyze. This article is about the month of May 2018.

Period achievements


  • In accordance with what I said last month, the article of the previous month wasn't technical but philosophic. It is an article about a transposition of the Hippocratic oath to the field of knowledge.
  • I got multiple demands from the French community to translate the article I published about hosting Firefox bookmarks. I translated it from English to French and improved both of them.


  • Some little issues about the web server configuration. The security level of the services were decreased thanks to let's Encrypt which add a new line in the virtual host configuration. It is now fixed.

The blog

I work quite a lot about the blog this month. I think the blog is currently quite pretty and works well enough. That's why I decided to improve the Search Engine Optimization, to improve how fast the blog is loading and have better statistic.

  • Change the title of the blog from to
  • Compressed image from png to jpg format
  • Added a favicon
  • Renamed link in order to display text instead of link
  • I enabled the cache in the server web about static contents (css, javascript)
  • I reduce the CSS used by the blog in order to have just what is is needed

Give back to the community

  • One issue about Shaarli. The server web configuration fulfill in the documentation didn't work when you have a reverse proxy. The issue was tagged as documentation issue. I plan to fix it.
  • One pull request accepted in crawler-user-agent about adding new bot.
  • I publish an article from Tuxicoman on the journalduhacker which got a high score (21)
  • Approximately 10 comments in the journalduhacker in share knowledge or point of view.
  • A little donation as each month for an association or service I find useful.

Balance sheet of the period

Statistics for this period

I worked quite a lot on this field and I am very happy to be able to have "real" statistic about the blog. I installed Matomo than disabled it when I understood how intrusive it was. That's why I created a tool to have statistic and graph from anonymous data. You can find the most important statistic of the month below.

view_this_monthdays_with_most_read most_article_read referer
  • Pages were viewed 3250 pages this month.
  • The article the most read this month was the translation of the hosting of Firefox bookmarks with 1790 views
  • The second article the most read this month was the original article about how to host of Firefox bookmarks with 1790 views
  • Most visitors came from journalduhacker
  • Even if it is not very visible in the graphic, Mastodon was also a very important source of visitors

For me it is an unbelievable success, I never expect so much views. I will continue to fulfill interesting article.

My point of view

When I see back about the period, I am happy to what I done. The blog and the Search Engine Optimization was improved quite. I am very happy about how many visitors I got for this month. However, I feel like I don't give back enough for what I received.

For the next month

  • I don't know currently what I will talk for the next month technical article. I will not have a lot of time and I am hesitating between subjects.
  • I will publish a page about the data I managing here regarding to the GDPR. It will contains information about the statistic tool I build and why I collect data.
  • I am feeling I should give more of my time this month for the community. I will figure that.

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