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Some news about the blog 4 : June 2018

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Hello everyone

I decided to publish each month an article about the blog in general. In this article, you will be able to know:

  • What I achieved during this period.
  • What I accomplished for the community.
  • How is the blog and services popular.
  • Balance sheet of the period.
  • Some words about what I think for the next period.

This article is about the month of June 2018.

Period achievements




  • Nothin special during the month of June.

The blog

  • Improve the accuracy of the statistic tool.

Give back to the community

  • A little donation as each month for an association or service I find useful.

Balance sheet of the period

Statistics for this period

I continued to improve the quality of the statistic tool. I think It currently filters 95% to 100% of bots or attacks. The data analyzed should since the middle of June be very close to the real human traffic.

The article of June was read by a really few numbers of people. As it wasn't about technology, I talked about it only in Mastodon. For me, it was an important article because philosophy and responsibility should be behind each of our action. It is not the truth, because it is very hard to do it but it should be.

More details about the statistic of the month:

view_this_monthdays_with_most_read most_article_read referer
  • Pages were viewed 400 times this month.
  • The article the most read this month was the translation of the hosting of Firefox bookmarks with 234 views.
  • The second article the most read was the orignal article of the hosting of Firefox bookmarks with 65 views.
  • The third article the most read was the article of the month of June, the knower oath with 25 views.
  • Once again, most visitors came from journalduhacker

Contrary to the month of May, I got "just" 450 views for the blog. I am not disappointed at all. Its still something huge for me. Even if only one reader finds my articles useful, it will be a success for me.

My point of view

I didn't do a lot of things during this period. I was quite busy and I didn't write the page about how I manage personal data. The only personal data I stored are ips address for one month and referer. This helps me to have better accurate statistics and to respect European law.

For the next month

  • I still have to publish a page about the data I manage here regarding to the GDPR. It will contains information about the statistic tool I build and why I collect data.

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