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Some news about the blog 5 : July-August 2018

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Hello Everyone

I decided to publish each month an article about the blog in general. Contrary to what I said, I decide to publish this article each two months. I think now it is not really relevant to publish it each two months. In this article, you will be able to know:

  • What I achieved during this period.
  • What I accomplished for the community.
  • How is the blog and services popular.
  • Balance sheet of the period.
  • Some words about what I think for the next period.

This article is about the month of July-August 2018.

Period achievements



  • Nothing special.

The blog

  • Improve the accuracy of the statistic tool.
  • I added a count of the RSS request by day group by IP address. It helps me to know if the blog interests people.
  • I added a little text about personal data I store and how I manipulate them.

Give back to the community

  • As I based my filter from a Github repository of bot, I can now extract automatically bot which request my website and which are not in the Github repository. I will extract this list of bot each month and add it to the Github repository.
  • I published a little commit on Mastodon about the documentation.
  • A little donation as each month for an association or service I find useful.

Balance sheet of the period

Statistics for this period

Some charts about the month of July:

how_many_views_each_day_july how_many_views_by_page_july referer_july.jpg

Some charts about the month of August:

how_many_views_each_day_august how_many_views_by_page_august referer_august.jpg
  • Except the days around the publication in social media, visits are around 30 by days

My point of view

I got a little time off at the end of August. I did not really know what I can write about and I was questioning myself about the sense of it. Even if I know I primarily write for myself, I expected to bring something useful to the community. I begin to accept this blog will not change something and I begin to think about using my time in a better way.

For the next month

  • I do not know.

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