A blog about digital independence and autonomy


The guideline

I commit myself to publish each month two articles.

  • The first one will be published each first of the month. It will be in general a technical article about something I found interesting or which help me to increase my digital independence.
  • The second one will be published each tenth of the month about the last month. It will be a general article about what I accomplished during this period, how were the blog and services popular, what I made for the community and some words about what I plan for the month.
I could publish other articles of course but I don't commit myself about them. I already have a lot of things to do in my life and I don't want to promise things I couldn't do.

The purpose of this blog

When I created this blog, I have in mind five ideas:

  • Give back to the community and help others to be able to be more independent, secure, aware and by result open-minded.
  • Confront my knowledge in computer science and especially cybersecurity skill to the rest of world
  • Find interesting people and person to share knowledge and ideas
  • Earn money with all I do in a certain way (by my articles, by my services, by my contribution).
  • Help me to find a job in a company which shares my values.

I am currently working on the first three objectives. I will be very satisfied if I am able to achieve it. I think the last two will probably never be achieved because my anonymity is more important than them.